Selling your home can be quite an overwhelming task.  Basic prep work brings a home steps closer to selling fast for the right price.  The Lisa Murphy Team knows the right steps to take when preparing to sell a home.  Use these tips to wow buyers and set your home up for success on the market.


Improve Outdoor Appearance

Update the landscaping of your home for maximum curb appeal.  Planting flowers, mowing the lawn, and grooming shrubs is crucial to selling a home for top dollar.  If the first look at the home is impressive, you can guarantee your home will attract potential buyers.


Make Necessary Repairs 

Take care of any defects in the home that will ward off potential buyers.  As cosmetic changes are not entirely necessary, make sure to fix any crucial flaws within the home so it is in the best condition possible.


Create an Inviting Atmosphere

A home will not sell to a buyer who does not feel like the house is fit for them.  Create an inviting setting so every potential buyer feels welcomed into the home. Do this by painting the main entrance and replacing the welcome mat.



When a potential buyer walks into a home, it is important for them to be able to envision their belongings in that home.  To do so, the house needs to be decluttered of additional furniture. Not only should the rooms be decluttered, but the closets should be as well.  Messy closets and cabinets give off the appearance that the home is lacking proper storage.  


Complete Cosmetic Changes

Not everyone has the same taste when it comes to designing a home.  In the selling process, be sure to make the decor of the home appeal to a range of buyers.  Look for neutral tones for walls and decor to suit most buyers.